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Meadow Hill-Top Wedding

It’s hard to say what I loved most about Gabby & Marcel's wedding because, honestly, this day was just perfect! The couple’s outdoor ceremony on a hilltop was like a fairy-tale. The venue was perfect for all of their guests who flew in from all around the world. A campground setting allowed guests to stay and celebrate the entire weekend. This was truly a unique wedding that I fell in love with.

Wedding Venue: Bar SZ Ranch

Florist: Hylary Locksin

Hair & Makeup: My Wedding Fairies

Dress Designer: Lillian West

Videographer: Vincent Pelina

Link to wedding video highlights:

Marcel proposed while we were on safari in South Africa, on our final night. It was an incredible experience to have that moment after we had seen incredible wildlife!

The famous artist Thomas Kinkade spent time vacationing and painting at the ranch. His paintings are currently displayed throughout the home.

We kept our wedding really simple - our locations was beautiful so we focused on the beauty of the ranch!
Walking down the aisle and seeing all of our friends and family there with Marcel waiting for me at the end of the aisle was a moment I will never forget!
My favorite pictures from our wedding are of Marcel and I on the swing under the oak tree where we got married - the lighting was perfect and the photos capture us so well!
We wanted to create a festival vibe for our wedding weekend. We had guests fly in from all over the world who shared travel tips with each other and created new friendships. Our wedding itself was just how we pictured it - surrounded by our closest friends and family and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings!
We are laid back and love the outdoors. We wanted to keep our wedding formal but not stuffy, and allow all of our guests to mingle and hang out, so a location where guests could camp over night was perfect!
We kept our wedding really simple - our locations was beautiful so we focused on the beauty of the ranch!

It is stressful to plan but it is all worth it! Tell yourself that you can be stressed up until a week before the wedding - at that point everything is already arranged, so enjoy that last week of anticipation!

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